Reidy Solutions

Reidy Solutions is an opportunity for you and your business to have a no-risk, no-cost consultation and assessment from Reidy Medical Supply. After signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Reidy Medical Supply will utilize our years of experience and the combined knowledge of our team to take an in-depth, analytical look at your operation – with the goal of uncovering cost-saving opportunities for you.

We will examine:

Current Supply Contracts
Procedures and Systems
Accounts Payable
Shipping Procedures and Systems

After a comprehensive analysis, Reidy Medical Supply will provide recommendations and cost-savings opportunities for you.

Generally, these consultations will take several days – but their result is most often the stream lining of procedures to realize cost savings. By maximizing your current resources and implementing Reidy Medical Supply’s recommendations, you can better serve your clients while growing your business.

In some cases, Reidy Medical Supplies may be part of your solution. In other cases, we may not. Our goal is to foster cooperation, goodwill and excellent service for patients.

The Reidy Solution may truly be the solution you’re looking for.